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- interested in blackness as a concept
- interested in music, sound and sonic histories
- interested in mapping, networks and lines of force

Against Water Shutoffs and Occupation: The Omm Bomm Ba Boom

Against Water Shutoffs and Occupation: The Omm Bomm Ba Boom

The urgency to write has never felt more acute. To attend to, even through what seems to be utter powerlessness and fatigue, the atrocities being felt globally on both large and small scales is necessary. But how to do so, how to respond with a precision and clarity and depth and nuance and rigor. And, most importantly, care. To want to respond with care. And yes, as a modality of care, to…

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The “Biology” of the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative

The “Biology” of the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative


We have been named from the outside, yet remain unknown. Needed for coherence, we have been disavowed for our fleshly capacity to derange normativity. We – us Blacks and queers and women and trans* people and and and – are varied, many, intersecting varied modalities of identity. We – us that are not white, cis, heterosexual, male folks – come in many forms. We have been marked as marginal and…

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a quick response to that horrible @Gawker “black coward” article

1) to write that black people are cowards as a means to say, “no but all people are cowards,” is sensationalist bullshit grounded in the belief that the kinds of black people he describes - those that watch reality tv, for example - *are* in fact pathological 

2) it’s moralizing. he speaks as if he occupies a place outside capitalism, that he doesn’t work for or with folks that pathologize black life. i call bullshit because the article itself relies on an uninterrogated kind of black person - for him, the coward - from which he must distance himself while not interrogating in any serious way the political economy which produces the marginalization folks experience. (and his inclusion of Michelle Alexander doesn’t count because it is a total disregard to folks that have been engaged in anti-prison work for yeaaars … Michelle’s work doesn’t mention folks like Angela Davis or Ruthie Wilson Gilmore in any serious way, meaning she, like dude in his article, believe they’re saying some cutting edge new shit. but nope. it ain’t.)

3) there is also a clear misunderstanding of the activism that took place during the Civil Rights Movement. it’s wrong to represent it as a popular movement wherein there were no arguments about strategy. it was a slow movement that included all sorta of behaviors, sartorial stylings included (which is why the afro was such a political act, for example). and lots of people worked for racist assholes even during the nadir of the movement. majority of folks ain’t quit jobs because they likewise wanted to feed families. 

4) as many have said, this is uninterrogated victim blaming. if women would just stop wearing the wrong kinds of clothes, they would not be victim of sexual violence. if gays and lesbians and trans people would simply pray their pathology away, homo and transphobia would cease. if only black basketball players would wear suits, ties and dress shoes to the stadium - and not jeans and t-shirts - folks would stop being racist against them.

but no. in each case, that isn’t true. maybe women are cowards by continuing to work after being harrassed. and lgbt folks are cowards by comtinuing to go to churches that hate them.

but i suspect, unlike dude’s article, life is far more complex than sensational headlines for Gawker.

Nothing Music: the Hammond B3 and the Centrifugitivity of Blackpentecostal Sound

Winds of 53mph crashed against the lakeshore of Chicago for five days by October 29, 1929. It was fateful and fatal, indeed, but not simply for Chicago residents. Wall Street also felt its own tumult October 29, 1929, the day marking Black Tuesday, the beginning of the Great Depression. Violent wind was blowing over and economically destabilizing the country and Chicago was hit hard. Imagine,…

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benediction in two parts

part one:

i wish for you peace and safety, love and joy, happiness and pleasure. i want for you to be content and satisfied. i want for you to be fulfilled and sustained. when difficulty emerges, i hope for your sanity and space to think, breathe, grieve. when stress eventuates, i desire for your stillness, your weathering storms. when disappointed, i pray for your resilience; when hurt, healing. i wish, and will always desire for you, a hopeful tenacity, an unrestful seeking of the otherwise possibility grounded in imaginative capacities heretofore unrealized. be and have all that you want. do justice. love mercy. walk humbly.

part two:

i desire for you to discover it all without me. be forever well.

to my folks living with HIV, to my folks thriving in unbearable conditions, to my folks showing what it means to make ways outta no way, thank you. we can remember a time when HIV diagnoses meant certain forms of disregard from communities, when it meant shunning and shaming but we learn daily from the tenacity of folks who live and thrive, who resist being shunned and shamed. we are not yet there … we are not yet at a place wherein we will not moralize and police behaviors, where we will not seek to shame people because of a medical syndrome. but we continue, we move forward, we learn from folks daily how to be a change in the world. 

so today, we reverence the ones we have lost to the battle with HIV/AIDS complications and honor them by speaking truth to power, by seeking a cure, by loving freely and radically. 



Black twitter reacts to @usatoday headline -@zellieimani

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fyi... your blog inspired me to make a tubmlr to keep track of my own research, stuff i've read, etc. thanks for that!

sorry i’m just getting this (no idea when you submitted, honestly) … but i’m glad my tumblr has been useful to you! 


Story of my life.
E. All of the above


Story of my life.

E. All of the above